What's new in Version 2012.01
Jan 1, 2012

  • Version: 
    • This release was available in two formats, one for use with CaseWare Working Papers 2011 and one for use with CaseWare Working Papers 2009 and 2010.
    • This release includes revisions relating to the November 2011 release of the CGA Canada Public Practice Manual (“CGA-PPM"). 
  • Revisions: 
    • All templates 
      • Financial statements 
        • Net assets statement - technical revision
        • Property, plant, and equipment note enhancement
        • Share capital note enhancement.
      • File profile - Updated guidance for NPOs and pre-changeover files; added PSAS for GNFPOs to the options (See description of the limitations of the template support for GNFPOs in File profile.)
      • Personally-owned vehicle expense analysis (RR.7) - GST/HST calculation revised
      • Engagement and representation letters - added references to PSAS for GNFPOs
    • Audit - CAS template 
      • CGA audit checklists have been revised to provide guidance for audits of government not-for-profit organizations (GNFPOs) References to PSAS for GNFPOs have been added to the Independent Auditor’s Report, engagement letter, and representation letter. (Users should modify the financial statements, client letters, and other documents as necessary to adapt the template for such engagements.)
      • Removed CGA Disclosure checklists for pre-changeover standards
      • 00.5 Audit Template Notes revised
      • Other technical revisions to checklists and other documents
    • Review - ASPE and ASNPO template 
      • 3G.A12 and 3G.N-A12 - Materiality - technical revisions
    • Review - pre-changeover GAAP template: 
      • Discontinued - This is the former “Review‛ template
      • The Knowledge library for pre-changeover and legacy templates is included in this
        release, and includes the revised RR.7 noted above
    • Compilation template 
      • Removed N.A19 - Investments



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