What Our Clients Have to Say About Us


"One of the CPA-CGA's I am currently mentoring just purchased the templates after I suggested he do so. He phoned me this morning and was absolutely ecstatic about them. He said he had done two files with them and found he was already saving time and producing good files. We also purchased your templates last year when we found that trying to keep up with the changing checklists, correspondence, and disclosure requirements was costing us a lot of money. We have had the same result as the CGA I am currently mentoring."

Brian Teed, CPA, CGA, Surrey, BC

"The accounting & CaseWare advice are excellent."

Leonard Uri, CPA, CGA, Williams Lake, BC

"..the access to Dan's consulting service provides peace of mind that the end product is on the right track."
"For a sole practitioner it is really helpful to get a different perspective of how to treat a certain issue."

Susan Lavoie, CPA, CGA, Dawson Creek, BC

"...prompt, professional, and compassionate"
"Having someone with experience and knowledge available to talk to and bounce ideas off of at any time, is priceless."

Margaret Marcus, CPA, CGA, Surrey, BC

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