What's new in Version 2016.01
Jul 1, 2016

  • Version: 
    • This release is available for use with CaseWare Working Papers 2015 and later.
    • This release includes CPA Canada Public Practice Manual (“CPA-PPM”) revisions up to and including the May 2016 CPA-PPM updates.
  • Revisions:
    • All templates:
      • Financial Statements:
        • Created a checkbox on the Balance Sheet to show extended detail for Property, Plant and Equipment.
        • Changed default order of financial statements to show the Balance Sheet before the Income Statement.
        • Width of cells have been changed to prevent certain words and percentages being cut-off.
        • “Sort long-term debt” has been removed from being printed with notes to financial statements.
        • Title page (TP) – New document for an optional financial statement title page.
      • Management Letter:
        • Added a ‘radio’ button under adjusting entries to include an import file.
        • Fixed spelling of “installments” to “instalments” for consistency throughout.
        • Added fully customizable freeform paragraphs.
      • Engagement Letter – Fixed spelling of “repesentatives” to “representatives”.
      • Prepaid expense analysis (L.2):
        • Expanded to include a fourth expense account.
        • Updated to hide some unused rows.
      • Due to/from related party analysis (MM.3):
        • New document for a 2nd related party
        • Updated to hide unused rows.
      • Shareholder loan (RR.4):
        • New document for a 3rd shareholder’s loan.
        • Updated to hide unused rows.
      • Query sheets (4B.1) – Transferred from Microsoft Word into Caseview.
      • Updated GIFI codes for vehicle expenses and freight & delivery expenses.
    • Audit – CAS template:
      • Purchases, payables, & pymts - Internal control questionnaire – CAS (3R.A352): - Header changed from “revenue and receivables” to “purchases and invoices”.
      • Multiple documents:
        • Drop-down boxes updated for consistency.
        • Fixed alignment to prevent letters being cut-off.
      • Revised checklists per May 2016 CPA-PPM updates.
    • Review – ASPE template – Revised checklists per May 2016 CPA-PPM updates.
    • New documents:
      • Answers to prior year notes (0.0A) – New document to carry forward and answer “Notes for next year”.
      • Issues (4B) – New document to show issues created as “client issues” in order to keep correspondence of what is required by the client.
      • GST/HST reconciliation (FF.17): - New document to aid in GST/HST analysis. Calculates the differences between GST/HST recorded and GST/HST remitted keeping separate collected amounts and ITC’s in order to figure out amounts over/under remitted. Automatically transfers data into GST/HST Analysis (FF.15).
      • Management salaries analysis (10.11) – New document to aid in historical tracking of management salaries. Keeps track of timing differences between expensed salaries and T4 amounts as well as 

Index files created for: excel documents (.E0), email (.L0), and scans (.S0). Enables consistent numbering sequences by staff. Proper use: click on A.E0. Right click, new, excel document, or copy and paste documents. You will note the number automatically shows A.E1, A.E2, etc.

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